Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mission Field

All of life in Christ is a mission field.  Every where I go I must prepare my heart for the challenges that face me as I move along this path of life.  Some say, we are seeking God, but scripture tells us that we are not seeking after God but really seeking for our own self preservation.  My mission field has been, up to now, my family and raising my 4 children.  I have prayed for each of their salvations and for Jesus to do whatever it takes so that they know Him.  Our situations have not always been comfortable and easy, but the Lord came first.  We laugh over the years of homeschool when I over focused on devotions, trying to help them see how special they are to the Lord.  I wanted them, above all, to know the Love of Christ, that will win them and guide them through any situation they will face in their life.  This is the ultimate importance, that our children learn the love that will sustain them, guide them, and ultimately they will fall back on while moving on this path of life.

We recently returned from my first distant missions trip.  I was filled with a sense of awe how people in this distant land want the same for their children in their little church.  Love, joy, peace, kindness, mercy and grace.  We are all seeking that in our hearts, every day.  This is what Christ does, giving us this fruit that overflows in our hearts and we may go and share it whereever our mission field is today.


  1. Dear Lisa, I can see that you do not have loads of time to write. I get it. I am the same. I appreciate your posts which I have read after I realized you read and commented on one of mine.I pray our precious Jesus, will bless your life and family with unexpected joy!
    In His Tender Care,

  2. Thank you dear Carol and , your comments are an encouragement and a blessing . These are very challenging days to be raising a family for living a lie set aside to serve Christ but I pray that the Holy Spirit would live and breathe in each of us so that every day is spent to serve our Lord in someway . God bless and stay in touch

  3. Time
    I just returned from spending time with my mother. She is a strong woman at 87 years old. We reminisced about her childhood and that times have drastically changed. Most of all, she reflected on, was her childhood friends, always having time for each other, families always so caring. This is no longer the case, and we sadly loose touch and then now rely on social media. Even she has resorted to an Ipad in despirate attempt to communicate with her grandchildren which seem to have forgotten how to communicate with this generation. Are they afraid to reminisce with her or are they disinrerested? Do they lack compassion for lonliness? I fear they have lost any sense of compassion in this technological age that uses a sociaaledia to express a vague interest occassionally. Our world has grown far more suffisticated, yet is far less interested in caring for the linely and isolated. How tragic that they cannot see thselves as socially isolated. As social beings, human compassion thrives when we gaze into the eyes of suffering, hold a shaking hand or reassure a lost dream that is and shall mnever be forgotten.