Sunday, March 26, 2017

Part of my aim in this blog is to take what happens to us in this life through the eyes of my natural man or woman and refocus my spiritual vision , if you will , to that of the way Christ would have me see things . One of my major struggles as a young Christian , that went on for years , was that I felt that God would ease my life would provide a path , although narrow , would still be a path that was successful or at least partially so . How little did I realize that truly as in Psalm 119 read, verse 10 " … you pushed me violently that I might fall , but the Lord helped me, the Lord is my strength and song , and he has become my salvation . "

 I have realized over the years that I cannot do this on my own , I cannot be a mother , a wife , a homeschooling mother , a nurse , or really anything else without the Lord . Yes I may have success but it is temporary and fleeting , the Lord with me enables me strengthens me and ultimately I walk away reflecting on the situation with great joy and peace seeing what the Lord has done , even in the midst of a terrible situation . Situations where for instance our children made other decisions that we didn't want them to make for life just suddenly changed on us leaving us questioning God's plan questioning decisions that we've made that seemed to be God's leading , and we ask were they ? But when I wait upon the Lord I can answer with great peace in my heart knowing that even if I didn't hear the Lord correctly I can now just give that situation to him and he will help me through it . It may not be the way I wanted it to be , but the Lord knows I needed it to draw closer to him to cast my cares on him because he cares for me .